Black hill Classic fabric has a smooth and firm structure and it is resistant to the mechanical stress. Premium-quality fabric is designed to meet even the most challenging requirements for thermoregulation. It provides a decent protection against the wind, as well as abrasion- and dirt resistance. The appearance of the short-hair fabric does not change even after multiple washing and has a long life span. The high-performance material ensures excellent body comfort.


Black hill Soft fabric  is made by weaving technology creating fabrics with an airier structure, which makes them very soft and nice to touch. It is made of high-quality fine elastic protein fibres which ensure your comfort and freedom of movement.  Longer hair is flexible and pleasant on skin. It is less resistant to the wind compared with other Black Hill fabrics.

ikonka doubleface


Black hill Double face fabric is a special two-layer fabric with a smoother and firmer structure which is extremely resistant to the mechanical stress. This fabric is made by special technology and its density provides it with a comfortable look. The top layer has a crinkled structure, whilst the inner layer is smooth and soft. The fabric is flexible and adaptable, ensuring a long-lasting feeling of warmth even in the coldest weather. It is a bit heavier and thus it is ideal as a top layer clothing.

ikonka doubleface


The Black hill super soft® fabric is created by knitting technology, which creates an airy structure, is very fine, elastic and soft to the touch. Made of fine elastic protein fibers of high quality, which ensure a feeling of comfort and freedom of movement.