The founder’s motivation behind the brand Black hill outdoor ® were trousers made of merino wool with excellent thermoregulation characteristics purchased abroad. Literally indestructible material proven for years became an inspiration. Clothing made of this material was neither offered in Slovakia or abroad, so due to this reason and the high demand we thought: why don’t we try it on our own and set up the business? That was the beginning – the material, designers, tailors and more….


We made first merino wool trousers of the brand Black hill outdoor ®. Functional, durable and timeless were offered on the market. The mountain guides gladly helped us with the testing and checking of our first clothing items at the beginning. We can say with satisfaction they turned out well, which we had confirmed by a great interest and positive reactions. From the initial model of the only outdoor trousers and with years of experience within outdoor clothing we started to develop and form excellent system of clothing made of the merino wool for leisure, sport and outdoor use. It is highly important for us that the customer wearing our products would feel comfortable and on top of that would look good too. Thanks to versatile characteristics of the merino wool we can recommend our Black hill outdoor ® clothing for challenging activities on the mountains which could last for a number of days like climbing, mountaineering, ski-alpinism, hiking, skiing, fishing and hunting. Also you will feel comfortable to wear our clothing while travelling and even using it for the everyday wear.


Black hill outdoor ® team focuses in our production at making the outdoor clothing, this is the result of quality processing and professional sewing of premium merino wool with the emphasis to use Slovak manufacturers and suppliers. The main feature of Black hill outdoor ® brand is the use of the best quality 100% natural sheep wool without any synthetic materials added, which is obtained of a specially raised merino sheep from Australia and New Zealand. The Black hill outdoor ® outdoor clothing is made of functional fabrics according to the new technologies. We are proud that many of the materials we design ourselves and that we do not choose them only on the basis of the fashion or design trends. We strive that the customer would recognize quality of the product material at the first touch. Thanks to the experience and testing we learnt that it is important to know the use of each model which is actually the basis of our product development. While selecting and designing, it is quite important for us to choose the right combination of the material between the different thicknesses and for which particular outdoor use it will be designed. Following this of course we are testing the material, and we are testing it in the outdoor environment it is designed for. With testing we ensure the correct function of the material, its resistance ability, comfort and durability. Important are also accessories like zippers and buttons which are exclusively supplied from the renowned companies.


The motivation for setting up of this brand is the real return to the natural materials use, to the unbelievable feeling of comfort while wearing the products together with maintaining of ideal microclimate. Characteristic features and priorities of our products are quality, design originality, aesthetic value, versatile use and favourable prices. Our goal is that everybody would choose a product, which suits the best to his/ her needs, requirements and at the same time would not disappoint his/ her expectations of it. Thanks to the unique material and its long lifetime, we wish that our clothing would accompany you for many years and that one day it would become one of the favourite clothing items of the next generations. The unique style of our timeless clothing Black hill outdoor ® brand consist of our workmanship process of styles and design to the smallest detail, and plenty of colour combinations all of which highlight the excellence and perfection of every outfit made by us. There is a way ahead of us to go, though we remain true to the nature and our tradition. Our intention is not only to sell but also advise and inspire you towards the healthy lifestyle. We would be glad if we succeed to reach out to the wide spectrum of people and Black hill outdoor ® brand will be successful thanks to you too.

Black hill outdoor ® team