Small Steps Towards A Global Change – Reduce Plastic And Be Closer To Nature

Plastic. It's everywhere around and the initial enthusiasm about its wide-range use has been gradually replaced by horror. Tha fact that it can be used anywhere, anytime, has turned the advantage into disadvantage. People start to realize we live in the Plastic age and those concerned about the environment are trying to prevent our planet from suffocating under tons of plastic waste. Brace yourself, it will be a tough fight.


Our living standards are rising. People spend more and more money, treat themselves with luxury and buy more food. Too often the food we buy is wrapped in plastic. Even if it is not, we put it in plastic bags in the end. Some supermarkets are proud of getting rid of single-use plastic straws or dishes, on the other hand you will find there peeled oranges on a plastic tray wrapped in a plastic foil.

Package free shops come with a partial solution. They exist in many places already. There you can buy food without packaging and bring it home in your own jars, bowls or bags.

Drinks are one of the most remarkable items. It is crazy how many bottles we buy every day instead of simply choosing tap water, especially in our region of Central Europe. Our tap water is healthy, tasty and cheap. If you prefer something sweeter, choose local producers of juices or syrups sold in glass bottles.

Companies producing food and drink packaging guarantee that their products are harmless to the health, unfortunately, it is not always so. It is a proven fact that small particles (microplastics) are released into the food and enter our body eventually. That's one of the ways. The particles get into animal bodies, especially fish, too. And we enjoy them on our plates later.



Recycling is fine. Unfortunately, we will never be able to recycle 100% of plastics. What we manage to recycle often ends up as synthetic threads used in sportswear. This kind of clothing has its qualities – it is light, functional, but imagine that instead of your outdoor jacket, you are actually wearing 50 plastic bottles. How do you like this idea? Does it feel comfortable? Solution is simple. Join the growing group of people who care about protecting nature and care not only about the environment, but also their own health. Choose clothes made of natural materials, produced ethically and in an environmentally friendly way.

In Black Hill Outdoor, we are fully aware of the necessity to protect our nature and lead a healthy lifestyle. That's why we use only natural material, especially merino wool, and produce our clothing locally, in Slovakia.


Merino wool clothing is light, breathable, and has incredible thermoregulation and moisture management ability. This material is hydrophobic and extraordinarily soft – no worries about the itchy feeling. Merino wool jackets and trousers will keep you comfortable during hiking or any outdoor activity, wherever you go. And without the feeling of being wrapped in plastics from head to toe. You can read more about this wonderful material in our blog or here.


Thousands of scientists, engineers, developers, and millions of common people are searching for possibilities how to beat the plastic enemy. They study bacteria consuming plastics, construct high-tech machines for effective plastic procession, develop bioplastics that should be easily biodegradable. People recycle more, reduce plastic, avoid buying stuff with plastic packaging or wearing synthetic clothes. Each of us needs to take their part, though. Every individual matters. Reduce plastic and contribute to the protection of our, so far still blue, planet.