Review: Black Hill Outdoor Clothing In Iceland

We have received a very nice review from Michal, our customer, who tested Black Hill Outdoor merino wool trousers and jacket during a 13-day adventure in Iceland. Even those who have never visited this place can probably imagine the tough weather conditions there. We are very happy that our clothing performed well. Big thanks to Michal for allowing us to share his review and pictures and we wish him a plenty of other great adventures!

Here comes the review:

„I travelled all across Iceland wearing the BHO clothes. The trousers are absolutely perfect – for sleeping in freezing temperatures we experienced in our tent, as well as during the day in strong wind. The higher waist covering the lower back is great as it protects the back when bending, and even when you sweat, the back does not get exposed to the cold when moving. When temperature climbed above 12°C with the sun shining, I occasionally had to change the trousers for lighter ones, but that is really no fault, is it?

The Gorazd jacket was enough to wear as the outer layer during the whole trip, combined with a functional t-shirt and a light long-sleeve jacket below. I did not need any more layers even in the strong wind. And sometimes it was so strong that it kept me in the upright position when I was trying to lean in a 45° angle - this kind of wind was blowing on all the plains, around cliffs or craters. The hood and a unitube provided enough protection against the wind or dust. I had a winter jacket with me as well – to use if necessary, but no such moment occurred.


One big plus of the jacket I have noticed is that you do not sweat much and thus you stay warm all the time. I personally do not like to be soaked in sweat under my outdoor clothing. The combination of a functional t-shirt, a light jacket and a merino wool jacket worked great to wick moisture away and prevented the feeling of sweaty and cold back as it often happens when you stop and cool down for a while.

In conclusion, after 13 days of intense wearing I consider your clothing to be one of the best I have ever worn.“



Translated from the original written by Michal Chovanec.