How to clean and maintain merino wool clothing

Wonderful material that is a must have for each outdoor enthusiast: that's merino wool. Thanks to its specific features it prevents a bad smell, it does not burn and has a self-cleaning ability. Despite that, it needs a little bit of care from time to time. How to take care of merino wool, wash it and clean it?

Merino wool has changed the fashion industry. It has a wide range of benefits that can be applied in many ways. It combines style and functionality, therefore it is an ideal choice for someone who wants to feel comfortable and look good, too. Merino wool comes from merino sheep and it contains the protein called ceratin – just like human skin does. That's why it is soft and pleasant to wear.

Merino wool resists fire and absorbs moisture very well. It does not smell and is able to clean itself. The clothes therefore do not need to be washed frequently, which saves not only time and money, but also environment - every nature lover would surely appreciate that and since you are reading this article, we assume you are one of us ;)

Inspite of all these wonderful features, merino wool sometimes requires your care. Wool is a specific material, its occasional washing and cleaning should therefore follow a few simple rules:


When and how often to clean merino wool?


1) Hand washing or cold water cycle

Similarly to cashmere, merino wool clothing does not need to be washed after each wearing. The items you wear close to the skin (t-shirts, functional underwear,etc.) will stay in a better shape if you wash them after the second or third wearing, or as needed. Merino wool jackets or trousers require even less frequent care. Usually it is sufficient to wash them only in the case they get dirty. In order to keep merino wool soft and fresh, you should wash it either in hands or on a gentle cycle in your washing machine (wool cycle or a cycle for delicates at 30°C).


2) Use mild detergent

Avoid standard laundry detergents – the chemicals might stay in between fibers and cause reactions that lead to their damage. For any kind of washing, we recommend using a mild detergent with lanolin, which is great for high-quality textile such as merino wool. This detergent does not only wash your clothing, but it also protects its fibers from stains, bacteria and other microorganisms. It is gentle to your clothes but also to you and thus it is suitable for allergic skin as well.


3) Dry flat

Woolen clothes are better dried flat (you might use a towel underneath). Keep the clothes away from the heat (forget radiators and heaters) to prevent them from losing shape or shrinking. Do not use a tumble dryer.


4) No bleech and brighteners

Never use detergents containing bleech or brighteners.


5) Merino wool loves humidity

If you have no time for washing, leave the clothes hanging outside overnight (under a roof). Alternatively, hang it in a bathroom while taking a shower. Humid air rejuvenates the wool fibers.


6) Do not leave it in a laundry basket

You should not leave your woolen clothes in a laundry basket for a long time, especially not with your underwear.


7) Remove stains as quick as possible. Gently.

If stains appear on your clothing, rinse them with cold water. If necessary, use a mild soap and soft fabric.